If you are selling a strata property, having a report done for buyers can really make the difference.

Vendor Reports

As a vendor you can request a report to be compiled on the property that you are selling. Reports compiled by Southside Strata Inspections are dedicated to providing comprehensive independent reports.

We provide our Pre-purchase Strata reports to Vendors to assist them to sell their properties with full disclosure of the Strata history.

We rely on the facts provided to us by the Strata Managing Agent and we believe it is important to know more than just what maybe currently happening in the unit, townhouse, villa or complex that’s why we provide 5 years of history.

A vendor report would be compiled and reference links and details can be provided to your prospective purchases to allow them to buy a report as soon as they have attended their first open home. Imagine having a purchaser attend your property on a Saturday, having access to buy a Strata report the same day, reviewing it and signing a contract first thing Monday morning knowing that they are signing with the knowledge of the whole Strata complex. No more surprises being found during cooling off periods.

Our vendor reports are easy to request, this can be done by clicking here. We will compiled the report prior to the first open home and provide your selling agent with a letter and link for prospective buyers.

The prospective buyers purchase off our website and are provided with a receipt and are covered by our insurances.

Experienced Inspectors

Our reports are prepared by experienced inspectors that have extensive knowledge of the industry.  We include additional documents of relevance in our reports at no charge to our client.  All of our reports are reviewed by a Senior Strata Inspector prior to being released to our client.

Why Should I get a Vendor Report?

We help our client’s present a good property in the clearest light, meeting disclosure requirements and managing the purchasers demands for information via our Vendor Reports.

Our vendor reports are compiled with facts and history and relevant supporting documents.

A vendor report compiled by Southside Strata Inspection will provide the following in detail, we add that this list is not exhaustive:

  • the levies payable by the unit
  • unit entitlement for the unit
  • the current financial position of the building
  • current insurance and a certificate of currency (where available)
  • current insurance valuation (carried out every 5 years)
  • a history of insurance claims
  • a history of the major repairs
  • structural defects, if any
  • major disharmonies amongst the residents
  • any legal matters
  • any proposed major projects
  • any proposed special levies and their purpose
  • Fire safety information/details of equipment, if in fact recorded, in common areas
  • other general information regarding the By-laws, rules & regulations etc; and
  • Applications for wooden/floating floors, keeping of animals, air conditioning, alterations and additions etc.

The Vendor Report can be made available on the day of the first open home, which will save prospective purchasers time in the due diligence process, and can help you as a vendor or selling agent to:

  • Present a good property in the clearest light while meeting disclosure requirements
  • Put in place strategies prior and during sale to ameliorate any price challenges
  • Shorten and bring under control the sale process.